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The Monegros

“The living desert of Europe”

A region located in the heart of Aragon, between the provinces of Huesca and Zaragoza. Full of contrasts and with valuable natural and cultural heritage. Its territory is very extensive: 276,440 hectares. A large area where drylands and the largest artificial irrigation spot in Europe come together alongside protected spaces.

69% of its surface area is cultivable hectares and a significant part of the uncultivated surface is protected as a Special Protection Area for Birds and Site of Community Interest.

Considered a demographic desert, with only 7.6 inhabitants per square kilometer, the region is made up of 49 localities, grouped into 31 municipalities.

Los Monegros presents a strategic geographical location. Located a few kilometers from Zaragoza, it is connected to Huesca, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Madrid by railway. By road, through the AP2 and the NII, it opens the door to the whole national territory and Europe. Its proximity to Zaragoza and its airport also makes it accessible for international tourism.

In the region of Los Monegros, you can find such amazing and unique places as:

  • The Sariñena Lagoon
  • The Jubierre route
  • The Charterhouse of Las Fuentes
  • The Sijena Monastery
  • The Tozal de Colasico
  • The Alcubierre Sierra
  • San Caprasio
  • The Orwell route
  • And many more…

And in Leciñena,

  • The Church of the Assumption
  • The Balsa del Camino
  • Sanctuary of the Virgin of Magallón

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book the house even if we are less than 17 people?

Yes. The price is for the whole house, regardless of the number of guests. The maximum number of guests is 17.

How long it takes to return the deposit?

Within 7 days after  check  out

Do you accept all dog breeds, including the so-called PPP breeds?

Yes. We accept dogs regardless of weight or breed, and we also do not limit the number of dogs per reservation.

Can I arrive at night to check in?

If you need to check in after 8:00 pm, please contact the establishment to let them know.

Can I reach the house by public transportation?

No. Public transportation only goes as far as the town of Leciñena. A private vehicle is necessary to reach the house. If needed, please consult with the establishment.