Comunity Asher

Requirements to be a good Asher

  1. The electricity of all the facilities is provided by the sun through an installation of photovoltic panels on the roof. In this way we ensure that our energy is clean, although it is also finite. That means that everything we do not use, we must unplug. We save electricity so we can have it when we really need it.
  2. In winter, you can warm up in the beautiful fireplace and also with the radiators scattered throughout the house, but remember, doors and windows closed. This way we save and save the heat to keep us warm inside, even if it freezes outside. If you do not like so much heat, you can go out to take the cool breeze on the porch, on the plot or even throughout the mountains.
  3. “The territory is yours”, is here for you, for you to enjoy, experience and live. Of course, with conscience.Respect the flora and fauna that lives here. Throw the garbage in the bins that are distributed around the house. Cigarette butts are fatal to nature and animals, throw them in the ashtrays that we also supply.
  4. “We are all welcome here” That includes all family members, husbands, wives, grandmothers and grandfathers, babies, dogs, cats, parakeets and even brothers-in-law😊 There is only one condition: everyone well educated. Leave everything as you have found it. No.That’s not to say you have to do a “general cleaning” before you leave. Here you come to rest and have fun and cleaning is already included in the price, but, yes you can pick up your garbage before leaving (and recycle it), Leave your dishes in the dishwasher and leave towels and sheets on the floor. If there is any damage, please let it know.
  1. In summer, there is a wonderful air conditioning system: the thick walls of the house and the ability to keep it cool. How to do it? – Very easy. In the hottest hours, the windows to which the sun shines are kept closed (even lowering the blind a little) and, those that are open in the shade..When the sun goes down, everything opens up and you will see what natural air conditioning is. Calm down! For the most sweltering days you have fans.
  2. Water is scarce on land and although here you will rarely lack it (for that you have a tank of 3,000 liters and a flow pump that ensures the supply, Although in the general network there is some breakdown), it will be appreciated that you keep the one you are not going to use. Open the tap as long as you really need it, use the dishwasher to scrub, taking advantage of all its capacity, use the washing machine instead of washing hand and take a 5-minute shower. It will be enough to recover and clean yourself. Valuing this precious commodity depends on everyone.
  3. If your pets go around the house freely, make sure they don’t get on the bed or couches (Respect also goes toward people who have allergies or just don’t like it).You will find beds for them, drinking fountains and other surprises. And although we are in the field and they favor the fertilization of the land, instead of leaving them scattered throughout the plot, Why not leave them in the places you will find to deposit them?
  4. “Let the territory conquer you.” Take advantage of the opportunity that gives you to have come here to know and explore the region of Los Monegros. Both its gastronomy and its culture. Supporting the development of the places where we move is also a way to be an excellent

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